Wild Dogs hotdogs

Wild Dogs

Wild Dogs serve up one of London's most mouthwatering hotdogs. An all-natural dog which will snap as you bite into it, smothered with Frenchs' mustard, ketchup and topped with organic slow cooked onions, it's an experience not to be missed.   

Restless in their quest to design and develop the UK’s most natural hot dog, the founders searched far and wide to procure each of the components for this humble meal.

Working with handpicked suppliers from across the UK, their hot dog contains only the highest quality free-range pork – taken primarily from the shoulder, a scattering of spices and a pinch of salt tightly bound in natural casings. With their soft bouncy buns coming from the in Market bakers, Astons, created organically.

A product of such pedigree calls for a worthy companion.
To complement their natural sausage, they’ve worked with an artisan baker to develop completely natural buns made with only top quality ingredients.

They are proud to stand by our product which is 100% British.