The Fish Stall


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The Fish Stall

We have the freshest fish and shellfish at our farmers’ market. All our wet fish is only ever from Friday’s catch or land, never from Thursday or Wednesday. We source all our fish through Pesky Fish direct from the fishermen. These guys know a thing or two about fish, their aim is to get you the freshest fish from landing to plate.

Pesky Fish work well with our ethos, this is what they have to say:-

Pesky Fish is reinventing the seafood supply chain to create a more sustainable industry for fish, fishermen and consumers. We currently deliver London’s fastest, freshest fish from skippers across England.

What’s important for us is quality, traceability, and sustainability. This is why we sell only seasonal, British species from boats who catch sustainably, and who in turn can guarantee the most delicious fish.

We deliver to many restaurants across London, but have now found a way to get our fishermen’s catch to you on your plate at home. Each week Brook Green Market will sell you the fish we source, bringing you not just what’s in season, but what’s best that day! Whether that’s Iain’s cold smoked salmon from Ullapool in Scotland, our live lobsters and crabs from Northumberland, or a variety of wet fish from our boats in Cornwall, Devon and Suffolk. And you can expect the odd visit from a fisherman or chef, too!

If you want the freshest most delicious fish in town be sure to drop by every Saturday!