Wild Country Organics

Wild Country Organics

A modern organic family farm run by Dr Adrian Izzard, who over the last ten years has developed the growing techniques to produce a wide range of the tastiest organic vegetables and salads.

Adrian has spent 15 years developing a modern organic approach to horticulture on his farm in Cambridge. He produces delicious and exciting produce, while undertaking extensive environment work on his farm and improving his soils. Everything is wonderfully fresh and tasty, often harvested just 24 hours prior to being sold. Customers are passionate about the mixed leaf salad in particular, and when Wild Country asked its customers how long the salad stays fresh, they said: ‘It would last all week, if we could resist eating it!'

The farm is located seven miles south east of Cambridge in Abington and has been organic since 1998.

In the summer they specialise in producing a wide variety of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, aubergines, and salad leaves. 

Last year Wild Country Organics even won an award from the Soil Association.