Italian True

Sapori d'italia

Powered only by their love of Italy and all things Italian (and by the occasional slice of scamorza), Sapori d'italia sell an array of delicious Italian cheeses, cured meats, tinned produce and other delicacies not readily available in the UK.

As Italians living in England, and with typically Italian culinary fervour, they craved all the things that they had at home but couldn't find in the UK.  As such, they decided to start importing as many of them as they could, in order that others could enjoy them as well.  

If you are looking for quality Italian cheeses, some tinned tomatoes or passata that will transport you back to your most recent excursion to il bel paese or even just a couple of 'baci'  to 'Say I love you, the Italian way', then this is most definitely the stall for you. 

Unfortunately, one thing that Sapori d'Italia have not managed to import is the weather...but they will keep on trying!!