Murdoch & Sons

James Murdoch is Free-range chicken farmer has some of the most succulent, tasty chicken available in London, traditionally reared over a longer period than usual for the maximum quality of texture and taste. His laying hens produce eggs with a great taste, and are also available at great prices. 

James Murdoch & Sons

At James Murdoch & Sons, you'll find some of the most succulent and tasty free-range chicken and eggs available in London. 

James' chickens are traditionally reared over a longer period than usual, between 12-14 weeks to encourage slow growth and fed balanced ration of wheat, peas and barley without artificial and force feeding. The result is a Table Chicken with more flavour and soft texture. 

James' Brown Feathered egg laying chickens are completely free range, reared on clover and grass pastures with access outdoors at all times except at night (to keep them out of the path of badgers and foxes). These golden yolked beauties are great poached or in a homemade alioli.