Hook and Son

Hook and Son

Hook and Son are a superb producer of organic Raw Milk whose reputation and impact on the world of dairy farming is far-reaching.  

Phil founded the herd in 1959, building on a family legacy of over 250 years, and ever since the welfare of the animals has been paramount (the average age of their cows is three years older than that of a dairy cow!).  

Farming organically since 1998, the decidedly small-scale operation, in spite of the well-documented pressures of dairy farming in the face of the ever-decreasing milk price and the monopoly of supermarkets, has championed the sale of Raw Milk (unpasteurised).  

The opportunity to buy your organic fresh milk, not to mention creamy butter, ghee, flavoured yoghurts and milkshakes, directly from the farmer is not one to be missed.  

Find out more: http://www.hookandson.co.uk/