Bold Market Bar

Bold Market Bar is a collaboration between the market and Bold London Spirits. Each and every week you’ll be able to try some of the most sumptuous cocktails London has to offer.  The cocktails have been created by Tom Lenko, an award winning barman, who created Bold aperitif. Using his 13 years experience as a mixologist, he will create some of the most interesting cocktails you have ever tried and he will be happy to answer any questions. Bold will also be inviting guest Spirit Houses to do lots of tastings and cocktails so keep an eye on what we have coming up!

The story for Bold began when Tom became increasingly interested in the barrel ageing process of a cocktail. It was whilst experimenting to create a bitter to wash his wooden barrels used to age cocktails that Bold London Spirit was serendipitously born.

The deep ruby red colour that glows when you hold a bottle of Bold London Spirit against the sun is all natural. Tom oversees every last ingredient that goes into a bottle and each batch is sampled and signed off by him before blending.

Bold is punchy and complex, the tart cherry flavour is balanced with spicy notes of cloves, cassia bark and vanilla rounded off with floral lavender and chamomile notes. The rest is secret, you’ll just have to try it yourself!
Handcrafted, all natural, all British, Bold aperitif.

Soak up the relaxing atmosphere of your local market and listen to live music!