Badass Cakes

Bad Ass Cakes

The unique cupcakes and custom-made cakes which Barbara produces are second to none. A full-time baker, she focuses on creating novelty cakes and desserts that deliver 'WOW' factor. Her 'Mellow Yellow' is an unbelievable creation - A cupcake with a buttery crumb base and creamy Lemon Cheesecake filling finished off with a dusting of biscuit crumb.
We'll take two thanks...

It may not surprise you then to learn that Barbara is a trained professional who has worked under renowned chefs such as Anton Edlemann (The Savoy), Keith Stanley (formerly of The Ritz) & was lucky enough to work for the chef she admires most, Anton Mosimann (at Mosimann's, London). She has taken the practices learned at these great establishments and created Bad Ass Cakes. 

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