Aston's Organic Bakery

Aston's Organic Bakery

Astons know a few things about how to bake great bread. Every week, these organic bakers bring with them a haul of freshly baked loaves including springy sourdoughs,  Focaccia drizzled with plenty of extra-virgin oil and topped with crunchy rosemary and exotic 'Cholla' which'll have you tearing 'just one more piece'. They also stock a range of sweet delights, croissants, brownies and even the french delicacy cronuts.

Their bread is enjoyable on its own, with a slice of meat or in the oven with some cheese. We're sure you'll be back for more.

Syd Aston has been passionate about organic food since the 1960s. His parents farmed organically, in Pembrokeshire, and young Syd grew up surrounded by environmentally aware people who very much practised what they preached. From an early age Syd knew he wanted to be part of that movement.

Syd and his team try to make the business as ethically sound as possible: no artificial additives, the use of fossil fuels kept to a minimum, recycled packaging, and nothing hidden from the customers – right down to the sunflower oil used to line the bread tins.

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